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Emergency Vehicle Specialist, Inc. is now a certified Wheelchair Lift Repair facility.

Call (301) 739-7973 or contact us online today at kimble.trucking@myactv.net to schedule your lift for service or repair.    We want to ensure that your equipment is safe and in good working condition. 

We inspect and service the following:

  • We will inspect the platform of the lift to make sure it is safe.  The platform of the lift should have a non-slippery surface and high guard panels.  These features will ensure stability of the lift and its user during the lifting/lowering process.   
  • Inspect the safety sensor placed under the platform to automatically stop the lift in case there is a certain obstruction in its path.
  • Inspect the emergency battery.
  • Inspect control buttons and cables and verify safety and performance.
  • Inspect safety belts that secure the wheelchair in case of unexpected jolts caused by power outages or malfunctions of the mechanism.
  • Inspect safety arms or rails with grab handles.
  • Inspect the emergency brake and the emergency stop button and safety switches to ensure they can be used every time the user needs to stop the lift during its transition – this way providing a sense of freedom and control.
  • Inspect automatic locking system (if equipped) to prevent the lift from operating until the doors are closed and locked.
  • Inspect wireless call station (if equipped).  This feature is faster and easier than a cell phone, alerting your caretakers in case of emergency.
  • Inspect key-lock controls  (if equipped) which allow only the person who has the key to operate the device.
  • Operate the lift from stowed position and back to stowed position.
  • Listen for abnormal noises (e.g., grinding, binding, etc.) as lift is operated.
  • Inspect platform fold axles and bearings for wear or damage and positive securement.  
  • Check for hydraulic leaks.
  • Remove pump cover and check fluids.
  • Inspect hydraulic hoses, fittings and connections for wear or leaks.
  • Inspect harness cables, wires, terminals and connections for securement or damage.
  • Inspect relays, fuses, circuit breakers and power switch for securement or damage.
  • Top off fluids as needed.



About Us

About Us

Emergency Vehicle Specialist
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Emergency Vehicle Specialist & Kimble's Truck & Auto Repair is a pillar of the community. Emergency Vehicle Specialist & Kimble's Truck & Auto Repair is a leader in offering auto repair and brake services for customers located in and around the Hagerstown, Maryland area. Our goal is to focus on customer service. It is the foundation of our business. Complete under-car services, such as oil changes, brakes, shocks, struts, alignment, and transmission fluid flush for both foreign and domestic vehicles are readily available at competitive prices. Take this opportunity to browse Emergency Vehicle Specialist & Kimble's Truck & Auto Repair website or call any of our stores for personalized service.